Thursday, January 21, 2010

SSRJ#1 Godwin


The first paragraph of this piece made my stomach turn. How could a mother not want to ever see her family again? Over and over again the mother refused to be a mother to her three year old son. It appeared the husband understood her sickness and was doing his best to ride it out. The interesting element to me was the sickness. I kept waiting to hear what it was. Was it physical, psychological or both.

The woman seemed distressed throughout the entire story. She might of been tired of being a mother and the daily grind of what it entailed. I believe at one point the husband said to the boy, " she needs a break from us".

The author used atmosphere to achieve this setting through the woman's eye's that set the tone for the entire story.

At the end, did the woman simply fall asleep or fall asleep forever?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Hello my name is Charles Selleck. I am new to this blog stuff. This is my first. I have been taking college courses off and on for many years now. I just recenlty decided to get serious about it. This will be my second on-line course and my last general ed class before moving on and deciding on a major.